Company History

The "Behind the Scenes Story" of
Arizona Executive Transportation

Arizona Executive first became an idea when I was living in Fort Collins, Colorado in the mid 90's and I was traveling back and fourth weekly to fly In & Out of Denver International Airport for my job as a Regional Sports Coordinator. Back in those days it was either take a taxi or ride a blue shuttle bus company called Super Shuttle (they have since gone out of business by the Ride Share industry back in 2019).

I can vividly remember spending many unnecessary hours riding those Van's making numerous stops along the way to the airport and telling myself there has got to be a more effective & better way to get To & From the Airport. Like many great ideas that come & go, I just filed this one in the back of my mind and put it on the shelf.

Fast forward to 2005 now and I am living in beautiful Phoenix, AZ as a successful Senior Account Sales Executive for a Top Fortune 100 Company and my career path was going great. Then out of the blue one week the company decided to cease operations in North America and laid off it's entire Sales force of over 1,500 employees. Without a job and not knowing what to do, I pondered my future.

Did I want to re-enter the Sales Industry again only to have to start from the bottom of the ladder & reprove myself to a new company. It wasn't the fact that I doubted myself at all, it was the fact that I was scared that the same thing could happen to me again down the road.

Dream Incorporated 2008
- Walt Disney
Then one day while I was pondering what to do, that idea that I filed in the back of my mind came up. I did a little research and then came to the conclusion that the Phoenix/Scottsdale Area truly needed an Executive Transportation Service that would provide Private Non-Stop Transportation To & From Sky Harbor International Airport.

The brain child of Arizona Executive had a reality. That's when I did what everybody said I was crazy to do, I pulled my entire 401K Savings (trust me it wasn't much) but with 100% of every dollar that I had & 100% on my own, I started my own company. I believed in myself and my concept for this new transportation company so with a lot of hard work, time & dedication I began my quest. It started out very slowly and I answered every phone call that came in, I took every ride that I got and slowly it started to grow.

After 2 years I knew I could not handle all the new business by myself and hired a Full-Time Office Manager. Then I started to hire part-time contracted drivers to help me handle the growth of business. It was a lot of hours, hard work and motivation but the company began to grow year after year.

A few tough challenges when UBER & LYFT hit the market & COVID 19 basically shutdown travel for what seemed like forever. If it was not for our loyal, long time clients who supported us for many years & believed in our commitment to provide on-time, reliable airport rides we would not have made it through these tough times.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
– Robert Collier
We are small transportation company that has been fortunate to have many reliable drivers over the years, the industry's Best Office Manager and an Owner who is also a Driver that truly enjoys providing excellent on-time service for his clients. The Company just recently expanded and added another Service Division called "Touch of Class Transport" which provides small and large scale Special Event Transportation using various size motor coach buses so we can now handle a variety of transportation events.
We are currently unavailing a Brand New re-designed company website and have added Facebook & Instagram to our company portfolio. Arizona Executive is proud to the be the Northern Phoenix/Scottsdale's Premier Airport& Special Events Transportation Company. Our 4.9 Google Rating is a testimony of the Service we provide and Trip Advisor has us Ranked #3 as the Best Transportation Company in all of Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ.

Thank You for the many years of business and we hope to continue to grow and be in business another 15+ years.
The Next Time You Fly, Give Arizona Executive A Try!
Reliable, On-Time 
Professional Drivers
P.O. Box 87591 Phoenix, AZ 85050
Phone: (602) 475-1125
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